Greenwich University
International Relations

Doctor of Philosophy – (PhD) in Education

International Relations


CategorySocial Science

Credit Hours30

Program Duration3 Years

Program Overview

PhD in education program aims to prepare scholars as educational leaders and researchers of tomorrow whose research will address critical problems/issues in education, develop understanding of teaching and learning in diverse contexts, and lead to improve outcomes of both national and international learners. The PhD. program also prepares students to assume leadership roles in both academic and non-academic settings national and international organizations.

Eligibility Criteria

* 18 years of education in relevant subject with at least second division or 3.0 CGPA or as per HEC policy on PhD.
* In case of 18 years of non-relevant education with at least second division or 3.0 CGPA, six deficiency courses need to be done as per HEC policy on PhD..

Job Market

Leadership roles in the private and public higher education universities, Educational counselor or advisor, Assistant professor, Chief Learning Officer, Research analyst, Executive director in education, Curriculum developer, Content designer, policy makers, Educational entrepreneurs and Professional Development Master Trainers

Module I

Advanced Quantitative Research
Independent Study I
Specialization I

Module II

Advanced Qualitative Research
Independent Study II
Specialization II

Module III



Education & Leadership Management
Educational Quality Assurance

Program Features

Courses 6
Duration 3 Years
Level Doctorate