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The Department of Media, Art & Design at Greenwich University, is dedicated to nurturing aspiring media professionals. It offers comprehensive programs that equip students with essential skills in journalism, public relations, advertising, emerging technologies and digital media. The department boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including media labs and studios, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic learning environment. Expert faculty members with industry experience guide students through theoretical concepts and practical applications. The department also encourages students to participate in internships and collaborate on real-world projects, providing them with a competitive edge in the media industry.

Affiliate Entity

1- Greenwich University Journalists Association (GUJA)

Greenwich University Journalist Association (GUJA) provides a platform for journalists to contribute to society's development through educational events, seminars, and workshops. They ensure community awareness by covering these events through print, electronic, and social media. GUJA also provides scholarships to journalists and media professionals.

2- School of Fashion

The Greenwich School of Fashion, is a hub of creativity and innovation. It offers comprehensive programs in fashion design, textile design, and fashion marketing and merchandising. The school provides a stimulating environment for students to explore their artistic talents and develop their fashion sense. Students gain exposure to the latest fashion trends, technologies, digitalization and sustainable practices. The faculty, composed of experienced fashion professionals, guide students through the design process, from concept development to final production. The school organizes fashion shows, exhibitions, jury displays, guest speaker sessions and industry collaborations, providing students with valuable networking opportunities in the fashion world.

The school of Fashion has signed an MoU with renowned fashion designer Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, is in collaboration with Lucky & Zaman Textile Mills.


Synergize art, craft, stories, truth and technology


Committed to excellence in nurturing ingenious artists, animators, designers, journalists, and producers

Aims & Objectives

Due to the changing environment in mass media milieu in which the boundaries of each traditional medium such as newspaper, radio and television have been removed and all is integrated, it will prepare students to enter the field of new media in the new globalized world. The vision is to produce graduates with knowledge and advanced knowledge in communication, preparing them to be the leaders in mass communication with morality, creativity, insightful attitudes and other necessary related skills. Focusing on concepts, theories and professional practices in digital lab and studio, students are provided ability in critical analysis, a comprehensive understanding in their field and are able to apply their knowledge and contribute it to the society and country during globalization where information technology and communication are the heart of development.

  • *  To produce scholar graduates with both academic knowledge and professional skills for integrated mass media and new media.
  • *  To produce graduates with ability in problem solving and thus contribute those skills to the society.
  • *  To produce graduates to be leaders of the society with morality, most advanced skills and insightful attitudes.
  • *  To produce graduates to be leaders in mass communication and leading to social development.

Degree Programs

  • *  Associate of Science in Mass Communication & Media Studies
  • *  Associate of Science in Communication Design
  • *  Associate of Science in Digital Media Marketing
  • *  Associate of Science in Fashion Studies
  • *  Associate of Science in Visual Effects & Animation
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication & Media Studies
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Communication Design
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Marketing
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Fashion Studies
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Visual Effects & Animation
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Film Studies
  • *  Master of Science in Mass Communication & Media Studies


  • *  Advertising
  • *  Journalism
  • *  Film & TV Production
  • *  Digital Media
  • *  Development Communication
  • *  Organizational Communication
  • *  Public Relations
  • *  Fashion Design
  • *  Textile Design
  • *  Fashion Styling & Communication
  • *  Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
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