Greenwich University

Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

Our faculty has drawn together a diverse group of social scientists who are inspired and nurtured and committed not only to nurture students but to the development of the region and the world. It comprises seven departments which offer undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs. With its 1000 or more students, 40 full time professors, and wide array of programmes and research centre (GRDC), the Faculty of Social Sciences plays a key role at the heart of the Greenwich University. The interdisciplinary general education courses offered through the department emphasize the cultivation of critical skills (in reading, writing and thinking) that provides students with a firm basis for success in their academic careers.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student in need of advising, or a graduate or alumnus, explore our website to find what you are looking for. Offering a variety of degree and certificate options.


To become a leading center of academic excellence and innovation, dedicated to advancing social transformation and fostering positive change through comprehensive research, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Our mission is to cultivate a diverse community of scholars, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to engage with complex global challenges.

Through rigorous academic programs in Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, English, and Psychology, we aim to instil a deep sense of ethical responsibility, social awareness, compassionate leadership, research-driven inquiry, and humane consciousness.

Faculty of Social Sciences has two departments:

  • * Department of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • * Department of Media Art & Design
  • * Department of Education

Department of Social Sciences & Humanities

Humanities is an interdisciplinary program, which promotes cross-cultural study of texts (written, oral and visual), traditions, and discourses. Humanities undergraduate and graduate students develop methods of bringing the various courses, such as Literature, Language, International Relations, Education into an integrative view of the world’s cultural diversity.


Department of Media Art & Design

In the news-rich world of the twenty-first century media, wars are won and lost on television; celebrities seem more familiar to us than our neighbours. The global economy is increasingly based on the exchange of information, and communities and identities mirror popular cultures from sport to popular music and theatres.


Department of Education

The education department's primary goal is to prepare teachers, educators, educational leaders, and researchers. Innovative pedagogy, modern learning methods, 21st century research techniques, and material development in the discipline of education have equipped this department to parallel with international standards.