Greenwich University

Campus Life

Greenwich is not merely a place where formal education is imparted and received. Greenwich has its own distinctive academic style. That is why a Greenwich graduate will always stand out in crowd.

Greenwich is situated in a posh, serene area of Karachi, overlooking the Arabian Sea. It is a modern, purpose-built campus, equipped with all relevant support facilities. The entire building is effectively air-conditioned, to counter the proverbial vagaries of the Karachi weather.

Greenwich provides an inviting academic ambience. There are three computer laboratories, equipped with the most sophisticated, branded computers, Unlimited free access to Net is an added inducement for the Greenwich students. Greenwich is spearheading a major crusade towards a computer revolution, in the light of the priority assigned to it by the Higher Education Commission.

We are legitimately proud of our library, and the reading room. It is indeed a sad comment on the state of affairs at our universities that a library is often the most neglected aspect of our seats of learning. In fact, in several instances, the role of the libraries has been willfully marginalized.

We at Greenwich are fully alive to the need of developing a library culture among our students and faculty. We believe that a classroom lecture should never be allowed to become a substitute for one’s first-hand reading in a library. Our user-friendly library is well-stocked with a large number of books on Economics, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Computer Science, and a wide variety of other subjects, including Social Sciences. There is also a comprehensive reference section comprising dictionaries, encyclopedias, Who is Who and almanacs. It is our constant endeavor to expand and update our library, as we believe that ” a university is as good as its library.”

We at Greenwich do not believe in restricting education to the classrooms. Our philosophy of education is more comprehensive and aims at producing individuals with truly rounded personalities. While trying to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to cope with the challenges of modern life, we also make an earnest endeavor to inculcate in them the true Islamic values. It would not be an exaggeration to say that at Greenwich, the East meets the West.

Greenwich maintains a student friendly atmosphere throughout. It all begins with our Reception, which we call Communication Center. An endearing smile, and a welcoming heart lead to a bondage which may well be described as love at first sight!

Our courses, and our teaching strategies, are fully in consonance with the requirements of university education in the 21st century. The teaching methodology, for instance, is student – centered, thus making the academic exercise more inter-active, interesting, and intellectually stimulating.

The Greenwich staff and faculty make every effort to make the stay of a student at Greenwich an interesting and enlightening experience. The faculty is always there to assist and guide the students in all academic matters. In fact, we try to bring out the latent potential of each individual student. That is why we take particular care that the teacher – student ratio does not exceed the desired academic ratio.