Greenwich University
Emerge as a premier institution producing thought leadership committed to catalyze a better future for all.
Nurture the competence and character of future leaders through academic excellence and humane consciousness.
    Greenwich seeks to:
  •   Integrate cutting-edge developments in the curricula across disciplines;
  •   Employ modern pedagogies to ensure holistic training of students;
  •   Conduct solution-oriented, responsive, and meaningful research;
  •   Encourage the pursuit of equitable quality education for all; and,
  •   Integrate social transformation across curricular and extracurricular activities.
Training, Research, Unlocking, Scholarship, Transformation (TRUST)
  • Training: Teaching through innovative pedagogies
  • Research: Research for solutions
  • Unlocking: Unlocking new pathways
  • Scholarship: Scholarly culture
  • Transformation: Transformation of society

Greenwich embodies TRUST as a value system at the core of its institutional strategy. We foster student-centered environment for imparting excellent Training employing modern pedagogic techniques; conduct meaningful Research for informed analysis of issues; evolve an in-depth Understanding of problems for solutions; create the love of learning through a Scholarly culture; and, promote education as a means for social Transformation.

Vision and Mission