Greenwich University

Campus Facilities

Greenwich University has all the necessary facilities in place to support the University in accomplishing its academic, healthcare, research and public service missions by providing responsive, competitive and high value services for a safe and functional physical environment.

The Campus

The master plan for the Greenwich University was developed to shape and guide the development of the university. Situated in the most beautiful area of Karachi, Pakistan, overlooking the Arabian Sea, the existing campus is composed of academic, research and administrative buildings, primarily of modern design that represent different eras of architectural development. The master plan provides architectural, landscape and urban design guidelines to serve the existing and future needs of the university. It articulates an integrative landscape plan that demonstrates a subtle use of topographical conditions to enhance the existing landscaping, The plan addresses improvements to the campus infrastructure, proposing new facilities such as classroom buildings and parking structures. The generation of the master plan was a truly participatory process, successfully engaging the large number of beneficiaries including the entire university community. Ever green trees line the main road, and all classrooms including the courtyard and the sports yard and canteen are inspired by high tech facilities. Every facility on campus has wireless internet.


Greenwich University employs full range of security measures featuring high resolution auto focused CCTV cameras, face recognition and metal detection devices including a walk-through gate at the main entrance. Activity in and around campus is constantly monitored by the Administration and recorded on high capacity DVRs for review.

Security guards with advanced automatic weaponry are stationed at the main entrance as well as parking lots and surrounding roofs keeping an eye view of entire vicinity. Our aim as far as possible is to provide a safe and secure environment for staff, students and visitors to the University 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

IT Infrastructure

Greenwich University offers the most advanced high-tech IT infrastructure featuring private cloud, WiFi & razor-based architecture.


Extremely sophistical laboratories based upon World-Class servers, virtualization, core architecture, internet connectivity & wireless networks.


Line of the art highly sophisticated servers installed in system core:

  • *   Dell PowerEdge R710/R610 Servers Virtualized as 16 Virtual Machines.
  • *   Dell Precision 690 Servers for Extreme Emergency Backup & Continues Replication
  • *   Cloud-Architecture Dedicated Servers in DMZ directly connected to V3 Backbone to support Websites & Web-Applications, FTP Backups, SQL Server 2017, Microsoft Reporting Services and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Hyper Virtualization:

Enhanced Virtualization using Windows Server 2012 and embedded Hypervisors on Dell PowerEdge R710 / R610 Servers:

  • *   16 Virtual Servers using embedded hypervisors
  • *   Each Virtual Machine features massive memory dedicated upto 8GB DDR3 1033 Mhz, Extended configuration delivers better overall system performance and greater virtual machine-processor-usage capacity.

System Core:
  • *   Rack-mounted Fail-Safe Architecture featuring line of the art 1U / 2U Servers with extended configuration, hypervisor Virtualization and channeling
  • *   Supreme storage featuring extremely redundant SAS RAID-5 Volumes. Yet Extreme Emergency Backup Servers continuously replicated the RAID-5 volumes into SATA RAIDs as Worst Case Scenario Remedy
  • *   Redundant Fiber-Optic Gigabit Inter-Server Connectivity using multiple fail-safe Network Adaptors

Internet Connection:
  • *   Top-speed 20 mbps main internet connection on Fiber Optics
  • *   additional 10 mbps connection for load-balancing & backup
  • *   another 8 mbps Extreme Emergency Backup connectivity

  • *   Gigabit Backbone on Fiber Optics
  • *   WiFi ‘N’ & ‘G’ support throughout the campus having range-boosters, speed-boosters & WPA2-PSK security

Client Computers:
  • *   Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Processors
  • *   Upto 8 GB of RAM
  • *   Upto 1 TB of Hard Drive plus space on Private Cloud
  • *   DVD RW/ROM
  • *   Upto 8 USB Devices Support
  • *   LCD Monitor 19” Widescreen

  • *   High Quality Black & Color Laser Printers available through network

Imagining Devices:
  • *   Upto 50 Mega Pixel Camera for still and video recording
  • *   High Resolution Scanners

Projectors & Interactive Devices:
  • *   HD 768i & 1080p complaint Projectors & Touch Sensing Side-Gadget for Interactive Displays


At Greenwich, we provide a comprehensive range of support services to help you reach your full potential and make the most of your time here. We offer specialist services in academic guidance, co-curricular activities, financial queries, skills development, grooming, wellbeing, and counseling which include:

Academic Counseling:
We offer guidance to help you make informed choices about your studies, including educational plans, career aspirations, stream and specialization selection, and choosing the right college or university based on your interests.

Career Counseling:
Our counselors help you set long-term goals and make effective career decisions, considering the dynamic and ever-evolving job market. We provide tools and resources to plan for the future and explore new career fields.

Psychological Counseling
Our counselors offer short-term counseling, single session therapy, psychiatric support, and group workshops to address personal, emotional, and psychological concerns. We support as many students as possible, allowing each student access to the service once in an academic year.

At Greenwich, we understand that personal challenges can affect academic performance. Our counseling services are designed to address issues like depression, anxiety, procrastination, lack of motivation, family or relationship problems, stress, substance abuse, and more. Our counselors provide confidential assessments and brief counseling or therapy, catering to a range of psychological concerns.

Communication Center

Greenwich University is structured with multiple administrative service centers that guide and support students and the communities we serve.

The Communication Centre explicitly operates for the purpose of facilitating communication between students and individual members of the Administration. Our Communication Centre is a 12 hour operation that provides administrative and support services to students. They respond to and assist with student enquiries, admission applications, enrolment, fees and scholarships, timetabling, leave, add and drop, transcript, incomplete contract, internship, counseling and careers.


Greenwich University enjoys an international reputation as one of the principal seats of higher education in Pakistan. Greenwich has a long and great history of achievements, both in creating new knowledge and imparting this knowledge to generations of the future managers and leaders.

As a research-based university, dedicated not only to the quest and dissemination of knowledge but also to the creation of new knowledge, Greenwich is a place where the fullest and most exact information of the times is imparted.

The university enjoys the services of qualified Ph.D. professors and subject specialists to supervise its students and their research projects.

Much hard work, planning and thought have gone into the making of Greenwich Research & Development Centre (GRDC), a platform for academic and professional explorers to plunge gainfully into the realms of investigation and scrutiny in varied disciplines and fields of human pursuits.

At GRDC, the students and faculty members – along with experts from government, semi-government and private multinational organizations – pursue research with the help of facilities available to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In addition, the Centre aims at promoting innovations through initiatives geared towards development of world-class dynamic and flexible research sector.

The objectives of GRDC are to promote and support research culture among faculty members and M.Phil. And Ph.D. students, through preparation and submission of papers for seminars, conferences and research journals.

GRDC proposes to embark upon training in the fields of Basic Research, Applied Research, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Development & Evaluation Research, Strategic Research, Investigator Driven Research, Priority Driven Research and Clinical Research, Health Policy and Systems Research, Health Services Research and Public Health Research.

The Centre also proposes training for all researchers, whatever and wherever they are working at, and to achieve this goal it proposes to collaborate with all research institutions in Pakistan and abroad. It also aims to promote healthy interaction among Greenwich faculty, students and alumni.

GRDC has undertaken Data Mining and building a Data Warehouse for future with the ultimate aim to develop GRDC branding, as “Greenwich Research & Consultancy”.

Greenwich University, under the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities publishes research journal, the ‘New Horizons’, and under the Faculty of Management Sciences and Information Studies publishes ‘Journal of Business Strategies’.

Acknowledging the level of research in the research journals of Greenwich University, Higher Education Commission has recognized both the journals.

G-Vision is the Greenwich quarterly newsletter. Our students interested in writing express their ideas through this publication.


The Student Development Centre is dedicated to the provision of an array of integrated services especially designed for undergraduate and graduate students on campus to achieve their personal, academic and personal goals..Our staff members are highly trained and experienced professionals who know what campus life is all about. A dedicated group of student volunteers work with us to provide our programs. In its work SDC seeks to

  • *   the dignity and diversity of students
  • *   Prepare students for engagement as global citizens

We support and promote the future well being of students. We enhance student development and success through innovative programs, services and partnerships. We strive to create a community that is accessible to all, one where diversity is celebrated and good citizenship is valued.

SDC runs the following clubs and societies:

  • *   Arts and Creativity Committee
  • *   Athletics
  • *   Badminton
  • *   Basketball
  • *   Community Outreach Society
  • *   Conference and Seminar Committee
  • *   Cricket
  • *   Entertainment Committee
  • *   Excursion Committee
  • *   Football (Boys Only)
  • *   Greenwich Rotract Club
  • *   Gumun
  • *   Hockey (Boys Only)
  • *   Public Speaking Committee
  • *   Snooker (Boys Only)
  • *   Softball (Girls Only)
  • *   Squash (Boys Only)
  • *   Swimming
  • *   Table Tennis
  • *   Tennis (Boys Only)
  • *   Theatre and Production Club
  • *   Throw Ball (Girls Only)
  • *   Vocal Talent Committee
  • *   Volley Ball (Boys Only)
  • *   Writers’ Club


Going through life changes, choosing a major, making career decisions, becoming independent, relating well with others, being successful, and living meaningfully is inherently challenging and often difficult or distressing. The built-in demands of academic life contribute to the overall stress we inevitably feel.

Here at GCDC we offer support to Greenwich University students to assist with personal, academic and career concerns. Our approach is encouraging, collaborative and goal-focused. We are here to help you develop more personal awareness and learn the skills you need to be successful while you are at Greenwich University and beyond.

The Greenwich Career Development Centre (GCDC) is focused on the training and better placement of the students. The GCDC has qualified counselors trained by USAID. The university has signed MoU with them and their representatives in Pakistan promote effective counseling for youth in general and women in particular. Our comprehensive counseling services are designed to be timely, accessible and personalized to meet individual needs of students.

Moreover, there are HR forums constantly visit the university as representatives from the private sector, academia and the government to discuss sector-specific Human Resource issues, challenges and priorities. This allows the GCDC to gain insight into HR needs, key skills and requirements in the market and business sector.


Greenwich University offers state of the art technology tools that include 3 computer labs. These computer labs are open to all Greenwich students, faculty and staff. Full capability for surfing the web, data analysis tools, multimedia publishing, word processing, and other contemporary electronic communications are available.

The Computer Laboratories are equipped with microcomputers and various necessary software available to all registered students. All branded computers are Core 2 Duo, Core i5, i7 connected through LAN and WiFi networking. General access to the internet is from 9am to 9pm. Latest multimedia devices including laser jet printers, scanners and video cameras etc are also available for use by the faculty and students.


The library is the back bone of a college or university’s academic environment. Not only is the actual physical library one of the main spots where students go to get work done, it also provides a wide range of information and services.

The Greenwich University Library is designed to meet the needs of students and faculty and to provide support for the curriculum. We have increased the number of books in each department to a considerable extent. We also have the facility of Book Bank. Students who cannot afford to buy expensive books get to study used ones donated by students and faculty.

The University offers for its users:

  • *   Over 22,500 books/e-books.
  • *   24 International Research Journals of at least Impact Factor of 1 and 25 National Research Journals.
  • *   Access to more than a million latest books and journals through HEC digital library.

Please use the following link to access HEC Digital Library:

HEC Digital Library

Please use the following link to access Greewnich University Library Online Catalog:

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

Please use the following link to download Open Access Journals Detail:

Download Open Access Journals List


We provide a sound classroom learning environment which allows students to see anything presented visually, to hear any audible presentation free from noises and distortions, and to be physically comfortable (air flow, temperature, furniture, etc.) regardless of the method of instruction used.

A significant amount has been invested to bring classrooms into the modern century. Latest technology and interactive devices such as touch screen gadgets, high definition projectors and double displays, state of the art presentation capabilities, computer based multimedia equipment for the delivery of courses, are some of the features apart from sound proof, centrally air conditioned serene environment conducive to teaching and learning. CCTV cameras help maintain class decorum.


Sports is one of the key activities at Greenwich and we believe an active body and high spirit helps enhance the cognition and ability to learn. A sports area with proper markings/layouts for different sports like football, futsal, basketball, tennis, volleyball and cricket is dedicated for students.

To sharpen the edges of mind we need to play ‘mind-games’ – Greenwich University offers an entire facility to play snooker, billiard, table-tennis, chess, draft, darts and scrabble. Thrilling music on high-definition auto system is played to raise the spirit and boost up the energy, while serenity is provided for chess, draft & scrabble.


Transport facility is provided to students living in close vicinity and on special request. Separate transport facilities are provided to staff and faculty members.


To let students earn the benefits of fresh sea breeze and airy environment, we have setup open and shaded courtyards with water-proof chairs, tables and comfortable cushions. Students do not only socialize at such places but also enjoy the beauty of nature and aura of serenity that surrounds them.

Special Education

To let students earn the benefits of fresh sea breeze and airy environment, we have setup open and shaded courtyards with water-proof chairs, tables and comfortable cushions. Students do not only socialize at such places but also enjoy the beauty of nature and aura of serenity that surrounds them.

Special Education

The University follows a generous policy of providing financial assistance to the deserving students. The scholarship program is designed to ensure that no deserving student is denied admission and pursuit of studies merely because of inability to pay the fees. The salient features of the scholarship program are as follows:

  • *   The amount of scholarship offered is determined on case-to-case basis
  • *   The fee concession ranges between 10% and 100%
  • *   Across-the-board 25 per cent fee concession is given to all those students who make to the Dean’s List on the basis of their Grade Point Average (GPA). The qualifying GPA is 3.8 on a scale of four with the workload of 15 credit hours for undergraduates, and 12 credit hours for graduates program
  • *   The siblings of the registered students are given a fee concession of 25 per cent
  • *   The siblings of the alumni are also given a fee concession of 25 per cent
  • *   The siblings of staff qualify for a fee concession ranging from 25 per cent to 100 per cent
  • *   The faculty of the University qualifies for fee concession ranging from 25 per cent to 75 per cent.


During their studies, students are required to apply for internship to gain hands-on experience of various industries. It is a mandatory requirement to complete the degree program for the students of Media Sciences and Business Administration. The Department of Corporate Services and Placement (CSP) coordinates with various national and multinational companies to tap internship and job opportunities for students.

The qualified staff of CSP provides the following comprehensive services to facilitate the prospective interns:

  • *   Conduct seminars & workshops by inviting leading HR personnel of national and multinational companies to the campus
  • *   Gather information through media (newspapers/web portals and other sources) and save it in a database to internally list the job opportunities on the notice boards
  • *   Hold interactive sessions with HR firms.
  • *   Encourage students to pursue internship by meeting with students individually
  • *   Collaborate with academic departments to incorporate career development activities into the educational experiences of students
  • *   Foster connections with employers, members of the University community, professional institutions, and alumni to increase educational and recruitment opportunities for the students
  • *   Arrange on-campus career fairs to maximize access to employment opportunities

We are continuously holding seminars to develop the following skills of our students:

  • *   Communication Skills
  • *   Presentation Skills
  • *   CV Writing Skills
  • *   Self Assessment Skills
  • *   People skills
  • *   Group discussions enhancing global needs, perceptions & perspectives.