Greenwich University

Master of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management



Credit Hours36

Program Duration1.5 Years

Program Overview

This program in Hospitality and Tourism Management train students for leadership roles in hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Students also analyze current investment patterns of hotels, restaurants, cruise lines and resorts to understand budding tourism markets. Prior to graduation, students must participate in an internship to get hands-on management experience in the field, and many programs require students to submit a final research project of thesis.


16 Years of Education

Job Market

Upon completing this master’s degree, graduates are qualified to become events managers, hotel, or resort leaders, purchasing directors, marketing managers, convention organizers, cruise lines directors, and/or entrepreneurs

Preparatory Courses

Placement in this course is subject to the result of the University Placement Test) This course focuses on all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening in general, and writing in particular at elementary level. With an ordered and integrated approach, the course strengthens students’ communicative competence in the English language. The learners are expected to be users of the language in informal as well as formal contexts with a sense of accommodation for new ideas.

Module I

Strategic and Islamic Finance
Advanced Research Methods
Intercultural Management & International Negotiation
Strategic Marketing

Module II

Strategic Management
Hospitality, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
Dissertation – I

Module III

Tourism SME’s & Destination Competitiveness
Total Quality Management in Tourism & Hospitality
Sustainable Strategic Development for Hospitality
Dissertation - II


Internship 6-8 Weeks

Program Features

Courses 12
Duration 1.5 Years
Level Graduate