Greenwich University
M.Phil - Economics

Master of Philosophy – (M.Phil) in Sociology



CategorySocial Sciences

Credit Hours30

Program Duration2 Years

Program Overview

Our MPhil program provides experienced professionals with a perfect opportunity to enhance their qualification and skills with high quality and focused education to meet the grueling demands of the 21st Century and become successful managers in the corporate world. Besides learning critical business areas, students strengthen their ability to think strategically; lead, motivate and manage teams across borders; align projects and procedures with business strategy.

Eligibility Criteria

16 Years of Relevant Education

Job Market

The program develops the capabilities of graduates to become effective entrepreneurs or promises to acquire positions in government service, major local and multinational corporations or in consulting firms or leadership positions in SMEs.

Module I

Qualitative Research Methods
Quantitative Research Methods
Elective I
Elective II

Module II

Social Stratification
Sociological Theories
Elective III
Elective IV

Module III



Anthropology (Social, Cultural, Political)
Contemporary Trends in Sociology
Globalization & Its Implications
Governance & Social Change
Third World Societies

Program Features

Courses 8
Duration 2 Years
Level Postgraduate