Greenwich University

Bachelor of Science in English


Credit Hours120

Program Duration4 Years

Program Overview

The program will provide students a strong background in the study of English. The students will be exposed to the study of linguistic systems underlying language, exploring in detail how the language is structured, acquired, used, and taught. In addition, the relationship between text, language, reader and author, society, economy, politics, culture, and the individual will also be explored.

Eligibility Criteria

12 Years of Education

Job Market

The program will prepare students for careers in teaching, media, advertising, writing, and publishing. Alternatively, students can continue to graduate level or professional studies in English and for advancement in any field in which communication skills are important.

Module I

A course in reading, writing, reflection and discussion, emphasizing rhetorical analysis and strategies for focusing, developing, and organizing writing. Special attention is also given to strategies for writing, revising and editing. In all, the course implies a general introduction to the principles of writing with emphasis on writing process, thesis, context, purpose and audience.
Pakistan Studies or History
Religious Studies or Ethics
Communication Skills
Computing Essentials

Module II

Short Fictional Narrative
This course aims to provide descriptive, analytical and applied knowledge about the sound system of English and also identify the problems of English pronunciation.
Environmental Science
Literary Forms and Movements
Phonetics and Phonology

Module III

Prose Non-Fiction
Rise of Novel (18-19 Century)
Classical & Renaissance Drama
Shakespeare Studies I

Module IV

Modern Drama
Shakespeare Studies II
Academic Reading & Writing
Literary Theory & Criticism I
Pedagogical Grammar

Module V

Qualitative Research Methods
TESOL I & II Teaching English language Skills
Pakistani Literature in English
Narrative for Screen
Women’s Writing

Module VI

Quantitative Research Methods
Logic and Critical Thinking
Discourse Analysis
Psycholinguistics & Sociolinguistics
Post-Colonial Literature

Module VII

Independent Study I
Romantic & Victorian Poetry
Literary Theory & Criticism II
World Literature
Pakistani English

Module VIII

American Literature
Global Poetry
Independent Study II


Internship 6-8 Weeks

Program Features

Courses 40
Duration 4 Years
Level Undergraduate