Greenwich University

Bachelor of Science – (Digital Media Marketing)

Credit Hours120

Program Duration4 Years

Program Overview

The growth of social media and digital marketing have allowed many businesses to excel in construction an online presence. Learn how to apply these techniques to create a brand and initiative of organic traffic to any company website with the BS in Digital Media Marketing.


12 Years of Education

Job Market

Digital marketing is one of the Pakistan's biggest growth industries and many businesses are moving more operations online following the Coronavirus pandemic. This means there are many opportunities for qualified digital marketers, working in-house, in marketing agencies and on a freelance basis for organisations of all sizes.

A digital marketing degree also provides you with the knowledge and skills to understand consumers and make business decisions based on data and market information – a valuable skill in almost any organisation or industry. Roles that graduates can apply to include, but are not limited to: Social media executive, Marketing campaigns officer, Business development manager, Account manager, Press officer, Online marketing executive, etc.

Foundation Courses

Placement in this course is subject to the result of the University Placement Test) This course focuses on all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening in general, and writing in particular at elementary level. With an ordered and integrated approach, the course strengthens students’ communicative competence in the English language. The learners are expected to be users of the language in informal as well as formal contexts with a sense of accommodation for new ideas.
Personality Grooming
(Placement in this course is subject to the result of the University Placement Test) This course is designed to strengthen the basic concepts of preliminary set theory, algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry and statistics. The course enables the weak students in mathematics to take advanced courses of mathematics and statistics.

Module I

A course in reading, writing, reflection and discussion, emphasizing rhetorical analysis and strategies for focusing, developing, and organizing writing. Special attention is also given to strategies for writing, revising and editing. In all, the course implies a general introduction to the principles of writing with emphasis on writing process, thesis, context, purpose and audience.
Pakistan Studies or History
Religious Studies or Ethics
Communication Skills
Computing Essentials

Module II

Foreign Language
Environmental Science
Mathematics & Statistics
Business Communication

Module III

Digital Business
Photography and Image Editing
Social Media Studies
Principles of Marketing

Module IV

Videography/Vlogs Editing
Academic Reading & Writing
Design for Digital Media / Photoshop
Advertising and Public Relations
Digital Marketing

Module V

Qualitative Research Methods
Website Planning and Structure
UX and UI Management
Integrated Marketing Communication
Media Management

Module VI

Quantitative Research Methods
Logic and Critical Thinking
Inbound & Outbound Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Consumerism

Module VII

Independent Study I
Search Engine Marketing
Call Center Management
Media Entrepreneurship
Small-to-Medium Enterprises and Digital Engagement

Module VIII

Digital Public Relations
Digital Economy of Pakistan
Independent Study II


Internship 6-8 Weeks

Program Features

Courses 40
Duration 4 Years
Level Undergraduate