Greenwich University

Associate Of Science - (Mass Communication & Media Studies)



Credit Hours60

Program Duration2 Years

Program Overview

The Associate program in Mass Commmunication and Media Studies enables students to complete the first half of a bachelor’s degree in many communication and media fields. Students will build a strong foundation for a career as a journalist, TV producer, public relations officer, media law expert, organizational communications manager, or other communication professionals.


12 Years of Education

Job Market

The AS in MCMS lays the groundwork for understanding the foundations and major principles of mass media and can lead to a mass media career and beyond. This course can help graduates to seek careers such as Public Relations Officer, Journalist, Advertising, Anchoring, Freelance, Media Liaison Officer, Public Relations Consultant, Communications Officer, Director, Cameraperson, Producer, Editor, Writer, and Researcher.

Preparatory Courses

Placement in this course is subject to the result of the University Placement Test) This course focuses on all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening in general, and writing in particular at elementary level. With an ordered and integrated approach, the course strengthens students’ communicative competence in the English language. The learners are expected to be users of the language in informal as well as formal contexts with a sense of accommodation for new ideas.
Personality Grooming

Module I

English Composition
Pakistan Studies or History
Religious Studies or Ethics
Communication Skills
Computing Essentials

Module II

Foreign Language
Environmental Science
Mathematics & Statistics
Business Communication

Module III

Theories of Mass Communication and Media Studies
Mass Communication and Journalism
Photography & Image Editing
Drawing, Perspective & Concept Art
Graphics Design

Module IV

Broadcast Media
Storyboarding and Idea Development
Academic Reading & Writing
Non-Linear Editing
Camera & Lighting Techniques

Program Features

Courses 20
Duration 2 Years
Level Associate